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Wow!! I wanna know what happens!!! please keep the story going!! :D

it seems as though the character was inspired from Sonic The Hedgehog :) the animation was smooth, but i personally dont get why it was so short, might as well not cut it in parts! but i liked it

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it was somewhat funny, and by funny i mean it made me grin and chuckle but not laugh. i guess its one of those times when you dont get the joke, but now its me thats not getting the joke

BoobMarley responds:

Hmm. You realize that it's funny some how but you don't quite get it, therefore 2 stars? Gotcha.

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I really like this concept of working together to get to one place/goal. I like the way it plays. The gameplay is good & straightforward.

Music wise... well there is none. so a catchy background tune would be nice and maybe some sound effects for the moving platforms and jumping etc.

Also maybe a good transition between stages instead of just suddenly "popping"into another room.

One thing i definitely noticed was that the art for the characters and the art for the rest of the game is very different. maybe if you gave the background more color or something like that, it would look better. and the same art style on everything would make it look much more consistent.

Another thing, a very small tutorial wouldn't hurt... although learning as you go doesn't really affect you on anything, but i would've never guessed that they could basically jump on top of each other to reach higher places for example.

I gave this game a 3 star rating because although it is not finished, well it doesn't feel like it is anyway, the concept is really good and it was actually quite fun. hopefully you make it better and it comes out good. if you need reference on a game similar to this one try looking up this http://www.fireboynwatergirl.com
Its a really good game!! you'd do good to take something out of it :)

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i like what you're trying to do here, i like these kinds of games, they are fun and somewhat limitless :) but for reference on how to make it better, download Mega Jump on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It is the same concept but see what you can get out of it :)

you should make the car go a little faster, and fix the sound of the engine, it just stops after about 5 seconds. It has a nice concept, and i do like these kinds of games :)

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i agree with KadajMetal it is an amazing song but the bass is too loud, you should fix tht :)

UndoneDevastation responds:

/fixed ;)
Thank you!

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so simple, but, it looks so amazing! the hair, the broken face, the simplicity within the complexity.

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I absolutely love the Greek style of the statue!!! The cracks look genuine, the shading is good, her hand is so handy! lol i only say that because I'm not the greatest at drawing hands, but your hand actually looks like one haha :) her wings look awesome too :) i really like all your illustrations!!

Fifty-50 responds:

Thanks friend! Hands are certainly difficult to draw. haha

Your use of the brushes is so amazing! You make it seem so easy :) wow!! I wish I was better at using them lol

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Fifty-50 responds:

It only takes practice plus my technique isn't anything special. Thanks for the review man! ;)

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