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Find me on YouTube!

2014-07-05 14:54:13 by karen0naruto

Come find me on YouTube: Please like, comment, and subscribe.

Right now I only have lyric videos of Paramore songs, given that it is my favorite band, but more will come soon!

So please, check it out :)


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2014-07-09 21:21:54

YouTube is scary, I only search for things I already know exist lol
I try and play Drawing Grounds when I can, so if you'd like to start up a game... I usually check it at least once a week. Btw, I'm not very good.

karen0naruto responds:

You Tube leads to weird things, but you should check out my channel anyway :) and sure I'll play on the Drawing Grounds :) I have a pen tablet so it is easier to draw for me, but don't worry about quality, as long as we can tell what it is